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do you know how to post everything on Freshly Pressed page ?

  1. do you know how to post everything on Freshly Pressed page ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, you would have to bribe the team of editors who chooses it.

  3. First place to look is the Help pages and learn how things works:

  4. What can i do ? Could You help me ? Step by step to got it

  5. 1) contact every one of the editors of that page.

    2) offer them enough money that they agree to feature each of your posts

  6. really ? but others friend's blog shown in this page NO Momey (free)

  7. @puthtannbona you don't appear to understand. YOU can't add your posts to Freshly Pressed, you have to wait to be chosen and i have been here 9 years with different blogs and have NEVER been chosen for Freshly Pressed You may have a long wait!! Why do you care anyway, most people ignore Freshly Pressed.

  8. puthtannbona, the whole point is that it is not up to you or any other member. If you had read the link I posted, you would have seen that selection is completely at the choice of the editors, or basically, at random.

    There is nothing YOU can do to get posted there.

    The most you can do is read some of the ones selected and see what type and style they look for. Then try and write something that might possibly attract their attention.

  9. Freshly Pressed is just to 'make you feel special'. It's as fake as the 'like' button.

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