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Do you know something better then WordPress?

  1. I don't...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't care, my blog is here now and I'm not leaving.

  3. ice cream is better then wordpress, but no, nothing else is better then wordpress lol

    btw, off-topic (I think, though, this questions part of the forum is kind of ambiguous in whats its supposed to be here for)

  4. WordPress is the best CMS software you can count on. It's true. It's a fact.

  5. Hands down WordPress is the best.

  6. flowergardengirl

    No doubt about it! I've had blogger--didn't like the look, godaddy hosted blog--the worst with horrible customer service and nightmarish upload times---also major down times, typepad was ok but hard to upload photos, and Vox was pretty good but not as much traffic--also people had to join to comment. I started with WordPress and came back to them. They give me the most traffic and security. They catch all the spam. And wordpress by far has the best customer service.

  7. Well, there would be ice cream and cake and Earl Grey tea, all of which I think are better than wordpress.

    Talking about blogging, there is another blog I have on another service which I like a lot, however, it can't be compared to wordpress as the structure/community focus is completely different.

  8. Chai tea is pretty fantastic too. Tried Lady Grey recently - too citrusy.
    Better than WordPress.... for blogging? None. I am slightly biased though :)

  9. pornstarbabylon

    I've known bloggers at Blogger that lost their blogs for whatever reason and couldn't get a hold of anyone for weeks or months in order to get back their blogs. It was labeled spam when it never was. Also, others had content pulled from their blogs by Blogger staff due to copyright without any warning or notice. At least here, they give you a warning on your dashboard or yank the entire blog but tell you to contact them to discuss the problem.

    Didn't I once read that Blogger staff don't even have blogs at Blogger but here at WordPress? hahaha

  10. "Chai tea is pretty fantastic too. Tried Lady Grey recently - too citrusy.
    Better than WordPress.... for blogging? None. I am slightly biased though :)"

    Hehe, a staff reply on a thread like this? You've got to love it. :)

  11. but he's right I especially love Chai tea latte from Starbucks, its the best. I remember during the campaign Blogger shut down some blogs for whatever reason, even though I found them to be particularly annoying they collectively moved to wordpress.

  12. Starbucks... *dreams away*
    Come to Belgium ffs!

  13. Milk? in Chai?
    Years ago I ran out of milk (young, single, unemployed) and decided I'd save money and not buy any milk. So after all these years I cannot bring myself to put milk in coffee or tea. Same happened with sugar too :)

    Teabag in mug, hot water and bring up to where I work. Teabag stays there. Is it the strong tea I like? Or just laziness? Me being uncultured? Who knows...


    And closed blogs. A reason will be given and mistakes are made and if they are they will be put right. Most of the time a reply will come back the same day but it could be a day or so.

    If we host a file - music, image - and we get a DMCA notice we have to remove it. We do not really have an option there. But otherwise we will leave a notice in the blog saying to get in touch.

  14. Better than WordPress? Would that be WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG? Can't think of anything better than COM, other than maybe a Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries.

    What's Starbucks?

  15. How would you know it's Belgian?

  16. Because American waffles aren't all poofed up and come with maple syrup and butter? :)

  17. Never had an American waffle so no idea... did have a Vanilla milkshake though and that was so good I had 2.

  18. Milkshakes are OK, but I'd rather have a malted milk or a root beer float. D*mn, now I'm homesick.

  19. Is Mark really a staff member? He doesn't look/sound like one. Why Belgian waffles? Because there are no better ones of course!

    I'm from Belgium by the way =>

  20. lorawow: mark is most definitely staff and one of the most awesome ones there. :)

  21. yeah, I mean look at that avatar and how he prefers his tea, it just oozes awesomeness :)

  22. no

  23. You don't take milk in your tea at all, Mark? That seems.. wrong somehow!

  24. i think chinese tea lovers might disagree with you on that cat ;)

  25. Milk goes on cereal - or if it's vanilla milk it a great big glass just me for me. Doesn't last long in there but it's all part of the ceremony. Coffee or tea taste weird with it in. But then I drink diet coke / diet red bull and the full sugar versions now taste foul - sickly and sticky. I'm just used to it. I have drank a couple just to be really polite in those situations where you just have to but my worry of upsetting the person was greater than my dislike of the milky whatever.

    Semi-skimmed milk too. Doesn't skimmed milk just look weird? Like someone just rinsed out some paint brushes?

    And... mug or cup? I'm not bothered myself but I know some are. Not that Starbucks and similar care - same cardboard either way.

  26. Hi!! Sorry (to all members), about the question of yesterday, it was a mistake. Im Portuguese and just talk a few words in English. Ive tried other bloggs and...think it is the best.

  27. Nope - perfectly at home here at

  28. yeah, I mean look at that avatar and how he prefers his tea, it just oozes awesomeness :)
    Hehe, I've seen the avatar.

    Mark! I totally agree with your milk thingy! Doing milk in Tea is something for the British. (No offence) I don't drink Coffee so I can't say anything about that.

    And don't drink diet coke, it's worse then the normal one.

  29. thehappysnapper

    I've tried a number of other blogs and much prefer WordPress, its the doggies wotyamacallits....

  30. I guess it all comes down to personal preference. I like my Earl Grey tea strong and milk makes it smoother.

    I can't stand Red Bull, but I also prefer Diet Coke, the taste seems less sickly sweet.

    Semi skimmed milk is nicer in taste, but admittedly it doesn't look as nice as normal milk.

    For me it's mug all the way, large mugs, but that could just be construed as laziness on my behalf seeing that it means I have to make tea less often!

    The question is just which sugar though, white or brown or sweetener or even rock sugar? Has anyone tried rock sugar that's inbedded in rum?

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