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Do you like art?

  1. Please visit my blog, its based on contemporary art and would like peoples thoughts and opinions to help me improve!
    Thanks a lot :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like the look of your blog, specially how it's a mix of so many different mediums of art.

  3. thankyou! yeah I like to experiment with a range of things :) feel free to add your comments on the blog.

  4. same here, love the mix of different mediums. im also about critique on my blog, hope you dont mind i left you some on your last post!

  5. excellent thankyou very much! Im open to critique positive or negative as it helps me improve my work, thank you so much :)

  6. rsjewelrydesigns

    I defiantly like your page, great art! Only thing I could think is maybe is your were inspired by something to create piece perhaps share that, although leaving those thoughts to the onlooker also has its benefits. :)

  7. tthats very true, my explanations are quite basic. I do need to expand it, great input, thankyou! x

  8. love love art. I have an etsy site full of art but I won't post it here, I might get in trouble. But I'll check out your blog.

  9. Sweet! your skills are amazing!

  10. thanks guys! Ill be sure to check out your blogs too! Atomicgator, iv just had a look at your site, and its amazing! I paticularly loike the cirlcle pronts you did! WOW!

  11. *prints sorry

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