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Do you like Beer?

  1. I do, thats why as a part of my blog I will be reviewing a different beer every week.

    I will be featuring beers from all over the world (Depending on availability). I will be starting with Mexican Beers as I am currently living in Mexico.

    Stop by have a look, leave a comment.

    And if there are any beers you would like to see, let me know.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is nothing better than a pint of John Smiths Smooth, but I doubt you will have that in Mexico

  3. No, Unfortunately not.

  4. No, can't stand the stuff. In my opinion.. beer smells bad.

  5. blasphemy

  6. Another beer of the week posted:

    This week another mexican brew.


  7. beers good :) never had mexican beer, just the european stuff

  8. Gotta love a great beer.

  9. I love beer. My favorite beer is Hoegaarden, but I'm beginning to fall in love with dark Indian ales.

  10. posted also in your comments Chris

    We have Sol here in New Zealand and it is indeed a very nice beer. agreed with the lime, Sol without lime is a tragedy.

    I do hope that sometime you can come to New Zealand and try some of our beers, particularly from our vineyards. Wild on Waiheke is a vineyard that makes its own wines and beers, i enjoy the beeer so much that the day before my 21st will consist of travelling to Wild on Waiheke, laser pigeon shooting (like clay pigeon shooting but with laser guns and special ‘pigeons’), archery (both on the vineyard itself), and then buying alot of beer and making the 800km trip to my home town to party it up with my friends.

    The interesting thing about the beer at Wild on Waiheke is that because it is actually PURE, with no preservatives but the naturals, you have to keep it cold or it will go off. one day in a cupboard and poof, your beer tastes like crap. I must say though, the sacrifice is worth it.

    I would encourage anyone coming to New Zealand and visiting Auckland to take the time out to visit.

  11. ugh. My boyfriend always gives me crap for it but No. I hate the tasteof beer. And I have tried many. sad face.
    Whats worse... My last name is Murphy, yes I'm mostly Irish. and I am speaking blasphemy against my entire race...

    double sad face.

    DisArono on the rocks please? ;)

  12. read the name

  13. Just no Budlight or Natty. Ew. Its all about the German and Polish beers..and well..Corona passes the test too!!

  14. Beer is one of my very favorite things, I will definitely be checking out your blog C.

  15. Love beer! Especially the lagers :D Will be reading the blog, that's for sure!

  16. Dark Beers are the best.

    Have you tried McEwan's Export? As the advert goes- it is the best buy in beer.

  17. Homebrewing (Beer) is getting to be a more popular hobby around thw www.

    For instance....

  18. I am a Cider Drinker,
    I drinks it all of the day,
    I am a Cider Drinker,
    it soothes all me troubles away,
    Ooh arrh, ooh arrh ay, Ooh arrh, ooh arrh ay
    (Proper Job! Wanna try some, young 'un? C'mon, young 'un! Get a couple o' pints down 'ee then.)

    Can't stand beer of any sort, although my Other Half tells me I'm quite good at making the stuff. I also make my own scrumpy (proper cider) and various other beverages. The only alcohol I buy is single malt.

  19. love beer!

    i like lagers, blonde ales, etc

    one good unique kind i had recently was a banana nut bread beer

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