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Do you look at your Klout score? If so, how much clout do you put into it.

  1. So many of my blogging/social media friends are watching their Klout scores like a hawk. If you are unfamiliar like I pretty much am, it's a score that rates your online influence using your facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts.

    Is this something I should start obsessing about? Do you?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I look at my Klout score, because I like shiny numbers and feedback, but I look at my Twitter Grader more, because it says I'm perfect.

    I know better than that, but it's still nice.

    Don't obsess about it. Check it maybe once a week. I saw a woman who had a perfect Klout score of 100 once, and it turned out she had figured a way to game the system. Well, one night she crossed me and I reported her and WHAM back to 30 for her! It was awesome.

  3. Seems I've fallen this past month. I blame that entirely on Google. I don't think I'll be worrying about my Klout - WP stats are more than enough to obsess over in my humble opinion!

  4. If you REALLY want to obsess over stats, join Empire Avenue. And if you do, you should buy me. I went from 0 to 91 in less than a week!

  5. I really don't understand that point of Klout or Empire Avenue. Surely your Alexa rank and WP stats are enough - why would you need more? I already waste too much time online.

  6. Really!!! Another meaningless thing to obsess over! Really!!!


  7. LOL @ HB! Don't worry about it!

    @tltcl - I'm with you! I only went to look because of this thread!

    @Raincoaster - I think you are more than I can afford! I'm not even going to go see what these other things are!

  8. Empire Avenue is a good place to study social power, actually. Blog stats are not nearly so good for that.

  9. @rain Is it a game? I glanced at it when it was first mentioned, but didn't go too deep

  10. Yes, it is. You buy and sell shares in people. There are a fair number of spammers but it's interesting to watch their techniques. They'll buy, for instance, one share of you. Or ten. They'll do that every day until you notice them and buy them back.

    I'm ruthless, though. I told my best friend I'd sell him by Monday if he didn't connect it to his Twitter account.

  11. What is Klout ?

  12. I've never heard of Klout. I checked it out and guess what? I have very little Klout. 16.
    I'm okay with that. Geez, I better be okay with that. I have NO time to blog and my stats are doody. I worked up to those 250+ numbers and now I'm afraid I'll have to start all over. OK. Whine fest over. :-)

  13. Welcome back Momfog! You write so well and entertainingly so. Please don't worry about having to start all over again. Talent will have you picking up where you left off and those stats will be back for the ride!

  14. I'd never heard of Klout. But not a surprise, since I didn't even start caring about search engines until the last few months. And then only because I noticed that more and more people were landing on my site from searches, and not just from other sites (which was why I was blogging -- for the sake of the folks on those sites, and in a way, especially for the first couple years when I started off over on LJ, I don't think what I was doing was actually "blogging." Heck, I don't even do much blogging now!)

    I think I'll go check out Klout. But I don't think I'll start worrying about it. All I care about is whether when keywords that fit my blog are plugged into a search engine, my site pops up appropriately.

  15. Okay, I don't Tweet, and my FB presence is minimal, and only after arm-twisting by friends. I am sure I have zero Klout! LOL! I think some online presence simply isn't Kloutable. And I'm not going to worry about it.

  16. If you do tweet, Klout is a very good analytical tool. It doesn't just give you numbers, it gives you perspective and advice.

    If you want ONLY to play with numbers, don't be on Twitter. Be on Empire Avenue.

  17. Always something new! Popped into Klout land, turns out I am spending far too much time "under the influence" of Piers Morgan who remains unaware of my existence. If only he were to wave at me, heck a wink would have me passing out, but my self-respect can only take so much humiliation.

  18. Hmm, I should have mentioned this in my op. But the very first time I heard about Klout in an article about how more and more companies are using your Klout score in part of the hiring process.

    But..surely that is just for social media jobs. I mean, if you are a firefighter, who cares if you have a social media presence.

    But if you want to be a social community manger (my dream job, sigh), then, yea, a hot klout score can suddenly be all sorts of important.

    @raincoaster Checking out Empire now. Thanks much!

  19. Now that Twitter has acquired BackType it will be interesting to see what happens with star-ups like Klout. Twitter Acquistions include BackType

  20. You're welcome. I'm also LOVING Google+. It's like Facebook but vastly improved. Still a few glitches, but it's pretty sweet.

  21. Empire Avenue is addictive. Stay away from it.

  22. I'm scared and confused. Check it out, stay away.

    Do I dive head first into the virtual abyss or keep some healthy real life boundaries.

  23. What makes you think your "healthy real life boundaries" are healthy or more real that decisions to engage in the social media sphere? I've moved thousands of miles to take a job at twice the money I've ever made before and moved into a new apartment, all of which came to me via social media.

    Are friends you write letters to less real than people you don't like, who you run into every day?

    It's a false dichotomy. There is nothing unreal about engaging online. If you write in a quill pen, the only thing that's "realer" about that than a blog is that only one person at a time can read it.

  24. Ok, checked out out Klout a few times and they claim I have as much clout as Brad Warner, buddhist writter and blogger of Hardcore Zen. Ok, you may not know him, but within the contemporary young Buddhist world - SUPER important. His blog has more readers in a day than I have in a month...

    In sum I call poppycock on Klout (thats right, I said poppycock!) And with that I say:

    let us go shopping

  25. @Raincoaster - I understand what you are saying, don't disagree, but I keep thinking of the Matrix movies. Just plug my brain into the virtual world and goodbye real world. It's my own issues.

    @Habituatedbuddhist - Googling Brad Warner right now. Don't know him but sounds like my kind of blogger. And maybe you don't do yourself justice...

  26. Brad Warner's Blog is at - great blog, his books are even better (well, first two any way, haven't read 2nd two yet)

  27. Klout is not about blogs. Klout is about Twitter. I don't use Technorati to measure my Twitter reach either.

  28. If you want to analyze your site, use Website Grader:

  29. Wow, that's humbling. I'm a little confused about some of the findings, though. Average post length 54 words? Not this long-winded gal. :-)

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