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Do you look at your Klout score? If so, how much clout do you put into it.

  1. You can see the comparison between my newest blog and my oldest one here:

  2. Okay, I just did Website Grader, and I don't really know what the score means, but it was 79. I guess that's okay. *shrugs and is puzzled*

  3. If you click through all the pages, they have specific recommendations. And yes, 79 is significantly above average.

  4. I'll look through those. Thanks for posting that link!

  5. Re Website Grader:

    I got 84 and am told my web site is in the top 3.78% of all web sites:
    "Your website has an Alexa rank of 1,175,012 which is in the top 3.78 % of all websites. "

    I think I'm chuffed? I don't know, it is just more confusing numbers!

    Bit worried about missing meta data that I can't control though, like page descriptions, unless I am missing something on page set ups....... hmmmmmmmmmm - best go check........

  6. Hmmmmm Blog Grader wasn't very accurate - my posts are also @Momfog) 56 words on average - I don't think so!!, I have no pictures (huh??) and no links........... weird!


  7. Yeah, Blog Grader wasn't accurate for me, either -- it also told me that I had no pictures in my posts, and I do. It also gave me an SEO of 0. I suppose that's possible, but considering that for relevant search terms, my blog is almost always on the first page of a google search, I'm not going to worry about that. It was also odd that the score that Website Grader told me was my Blog Grader score was significantly different from the score that Blog Grader itself gave me.

  8. Blog grader gave me a score of 91 and ranked me 50,312 out of 799,591. I don't know how accurate it is but it sure made my day =D

  9. @mmadfan
    The site linked to your username scores 79 The website ranks 764,926 of the 3,661,491 websites that have been ranked so far. It also states Total images found: 20 [on front page], 8 image(s) don't have ALT text.

  10. Missing Alt text warnings don't make sense for me, or that is they DIDN'T until I realized they meant missing LINK TITLE data. I always put alt text in for all my images, but the way the image uploader works now, you have to go in after putting the image in to add link title text. It's the missing link title text that's triggering the warning.

  11. habituatedbuddhist

    I'm a lowly 45... sigh...When oh when will the world see my true genius! (laugh)

  12. @tt Yes, I know what Website Grader said. It was pretty good, I thought. But they also give you a score that's supposedly from Blog Grader, and the one WG reported from BG was half what BG said my score was, but BG also had other info ranked that either seemed inaccurate or measured in a way that wasn't relevant. Since Website Grader gave me nicer scores, I'll be happy to go with that one!

    I actually did go back and some alt tags to some of the images mentioned by Website Grader. A couple I couldn't since they were my gravatar image and something else that I don't have direct control over. I really should go into my media library and add alt images for all my header images -- I hadn't thought of doing that before, since I upload them as header images & they're immediately "live." So that was a good thing to be reminded about by WG.

  13. Oh wow.
    Website Grade: 75
    Blog Grade: 96 ranked 19,660 out of 800,942

    Accurate? Who cares. I believe everything I see on the internet.

  14. LOL @Momfog! Me too! Especially when I've improved to 93!!! Only trouble is,the badge doesn't update! LOLOL

  15. My website grade was 45, and my blog rating was 91. Disappointed. I call shenanigans on this whole thing. SHENANIGANS!

  16. It's weird. I just did it again, and it's now 86 (from 79). The blog has not changed that much in the course of less than two days. And my blog rating was astronomically higher than it had been reported. Again, not that much changed in the last day. Weird.

    Website grader also told me I had too many images on a page (I have very small, fast-loading ones, and a few little ones in the sidebars), and yet Blog Grader said it found 0 images in my posts. I regularly use at least a thumbnail in my posts. Odd.

    So, yeah, maximsmadness, could be shenanigans, indeed! ;)

  17. Yeah, but a badge with 93 looks good (it finally updated) so WTH - I'll live with the shenanigans! The Blog rating report was WAY out - told me I had no pics and no links and my posts were 56 words!

  18. habituatedbuddhist

    Ok. up to 52, but this time I checked the blog grader and got a 96! I know its meaningless, but I'm happy anyway!

  19. Maybe Blog Grader likes it when you go back for another look at your score & figures that in!

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