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  1. So, it was February of this year(let's be honest it was February of every year since I became literate..) that I got to thinking..Why don't I read more?

    I didn't want to become someone who relied on frivolous reality shows for entertainment or technology for information. Yes, I can read, but I wasn't reading anything romantically, but more for efficiency.

    Then I came across a crazy statistic(that can be found on my site, don't really feel like repeating it. you don't mind do you?). It basically said that a study found that barely any adults READ BOOKS! It's laid out a whole lot better on my site..

    But you get where I'm going with all of this. I've never been someone who reads a book a week or anything like that, but I want to be.

    Check out my site, our book club. It's name, Peace,Love & Books. It's a site for friends and literature. We explore any genre, and it's up to you to vote on which book we'll read on our bi-weekly polls. Nothing to think about, all the thinking is done for you. All you have to do is read!(Although we'd like a comment or two from you! After all we want to know whether you liked what you read!)

    So are you with me?


    The blog I need help with is

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