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do you prefer hot or cold weather?

  1. Summer suddenly arrived a few days ago to the UK and it's sweltering. We don't have air conditioning in our homes here, and for someone who can't tolerate extremes of temperature it's very difficult to take (I keep rushing to the bathroom to put cold water on my skin!) Nevertheless, I prefer hot weather to cold weather as the whole ambience of it is different and suits me more. How about you - do you prefer hot or cold weather?

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  2. Cold, cold always cold! I do enjoy wintery walks when the sun is shining brightly. It's great to warm yourself with a hot drink.

  3. In the summer I like it cold. In the winter I like it hot.

  4. josephvincent37

    Hot! Put me in the tropics! Put me in the rain forest! Put me in the desert! I hate the cold. I feel downright miserable in the snow. I'm a sunny kind of guy I guess.

  5. Sunshine if it ends in a rip roaring super cell thunder storm. Preferably one which lasts all night. Oh Heaven. ;)

  6. Definitely cold weather, you can always wrap up and keep warm, you can't undress fully to keep cool. Not in public anyway.

    Mind you, having just bought a convertible, there's nothing quite like driving on a motorway with the top down :D

  7. off. Lol

  8. Hot!

  9. Cold. I'm a cranky old crab when I'm hot and sweaty. More so than usual, I mean.

  10. Hot! I live in Canada; we get enough snow, ice, blizzards, slush, sleet and hail.

  11. I like cold. We enjoy all four seasons here in kashmir though.

  12. Hot, I love the pool and cold drinks and food(:

  13. It's almost winter here in Australia. I hate the cold. I really do!! I'm so used to the heat and going down to the beach!!!

  14. hot every day, im from England! its rare enough as it is.

  15. Hot I'm Canadian and the winters here are usually (not this year) too damn long.

  16. Well, one could write a blog post about this. I keep on looking at this topic thread and not know how to respond.

    However in the end, I guess it's hot...but a drier heat, please. 100% humidex stickness is tough.

  17. On Monday here it was 40 degrees Celsius with the humid ex last night it snowed. Canada, eh?

  18. Definitley COLD once again. I can't bear this extreme weather (45 Celsius) and I'm dying.

  19. Hot if we get thunder storms. But cool and fresh mostly. Misty autumn mornings. Lovely.

  20. I absolutely hate being hot...

    I figure when it's cold, I can put on more clothes. When it's hot, I can only take off so many layers before green-peace tries to roll me back into Boston Harbor.

  21. I prefer hot. I can't stand to be cold.

  22. I figure when it's cold, I can put on more clothes. When it's hot, I can only take off so many layers before green-peace tries to roll me back into Boston Harbor.

    Lol. But I agree with the fact that if you're cold you can put on layers against the cold; but you cannot escape the heat whatever you do.

  23. @jessielandsdel I love the supercells too. We didn't have very many this spring. It was a very mild winter and then jumped straight into the heat, so there wasn't a lot of hot and cold air mixing this spring.

  24. Cold all the way!
    It's so hot here in Australia, and there's flies, where there's heat there's always bugs but Winter is just bliss....

  25. i like cold weather and monsoon:)... as there is so hot temperature in my city

  26. There should be a balance, because it's not good to have a stagnant cold or hot weather.

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