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Do you think I can make a facebook page?q

  1. Hi, Okay well I have quite a few viewers think and I have orders I take and I was wondering if I should make a Facebook page what do u thi k?

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. If you want to, go for it. Its a great way to promote your blog if you have time to keep it updated and current, good luck!

  4. Thank you !!!

  5. How do I do it does any one know how??

  6. Got it!

  7. What's the page called and I'll check it out :) Good luck!

  8. Sugar Shack. It's kinda boring though. I need to get more people and stuff not sure how too lol Thanks !

  9. Post a link on your blog, tell your family, friends, neighbors, random people... write on sidewalks, post flyers on car windows haha jk

  10. Haha!!!

  11. haha no foreal though, just tell people, post, and share! good luck :)

  12. Haha inknow lol and I'm going to do that thanks :)

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