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Do You Tumblr?

  1. onedayrockstar

    Who here tumblr's? Let's be friends:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ... Maybe I'm just slow, but what's the point of having a wordpress blog AND a tumblr blog?


    @meganmulder Tumblr is more community based and simpler to post pictures, etc. Also easy to import feeds of your activity around the web if you're interested in that kind of stuff.

  4. Here's a post I did about why to use Tumblr.

  5. No I don't use Tumblr.

  6. Hmmm... Tumblr reconsidered, indeed! I like the idea! I've been wanting to start a photo blog, but not liking the WordPress interface, so now I'm using both =). Thanks for the info!

  7. pornstarbabylon

    I've heard of it but have declined. It would just be another service I unknowingly neglect. :(

  8. I am switching from Tumblr to wordpress. The lack of blogroll, newsletter, gooogle-ability is all driving me nuts. I love the look of it and the community is cool and supportive but it's too small. Has anyone had any luck getting their tumblr posts over to wordpress?

  9. Tumblr doesn't have an export feature, sadly. You could try contacting tumblr support to see if they have some export they can mail you.

  10. Hi there, I've come across an option now which has successfully imported my several thousand tumblr posts into a blog.

    Use this:

  11. Do I use Tumblr?
    Only when I'm drying clothes.

  12. What about a tumblr widget for your sidebar? It doesn't work in the "text" widget, or I haven't been able to make it work.

  13. deleted56765y7556

    I found that I just couldn't get into it. You know, it might be more customizable than a blog, but it's very limited to how you control it. I would not recommend it to someone who wants a user-friendly microblog. If you're wanted something like Twitter, but with more function, just get a theme made/uploaded and go from there. It's been around for awhile now, but it still lacks in making things simple to understand.

  14. idreamahwy: You should set up an RSS widget. Take a look at my blog's sidebar.

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