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Do you use Facebook to promote your blog? And how?

  1. i do. :D

    i have the wordpress app in my profile. so my fb profile shows recent post headings and recent comments!

    and i also pasted my tag cloud in my fb. it helps others get an overview of what my blog is all about AND they can click a tag to access my blog.

    and i sometimes share my useful posts as posted items.

    how about you?

  2. I use the myspace profile blog to promote my articles I don't care much for facebook

  3. I put the link as my status. :)

  4. I don't use Facebook to promote my blog, since then my sooper sekrit identity as Bug Girl will be blown.

    (not as if no one can figure it out, but plausible deniability for some of the things I say online is helpful.) :)

  5. I use the wordpress app on Facebook. I do post links to my blog in some places but not all. I can't stand MySpace!

  6. Agreed about preferring Facebook over MySpace.

    And I use the WordPress app on my profile.

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