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Do you use Firefox?

  1. I was just wondering, how many of us WordPress users use Firefox as the primary web browser? Or do you prefer other browsers?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  2. I use firefox and galeon because firefox sometimes eat too much resources.

  3. firefox is the best. i am not basing that on anything but the fact that i use it though.

  4. I use FireFox as main browser

  5. So far it is the best browser :) ; btw I just came across a post in the forum that gives a 'yuck!' for IE, I just can't remember which thread... :-P

  6. I use Firefox. If you go to my blog, you'll see a great review I posted for it. But, after testing the new Safari 4, I think it's better. The beta version wasn't as good. Also, I'll be posting a review on the new Firefox: Firefox 3.5

    So stay tuned.

    I think I'll stop using Firefox, but I used too!

  7. Yes FF is a legend although I also use safari at times

  8. Used to be all about Firefox, then google Chrome came out.

    It's the same as firefox, but loads MUCH quicker, and I prefer the many websites for a homepage, compared to firefox's generic "pick your homepage"

  9. I use SeaMonkey (Mozilla) and like it very much. Flock has been getting excellent reviews on the major tech sites. I've tried it and like it, but it's too much trouble for me to change over from SeaMonkey right now. Maybe later.

  10. enigmaticblogger90

    Firefox is the best.

  11. yep

  12. Yep I use Firefox im my opinion Firefox is the best browser on the net.

    Also Check out a fail I found in this thread --> Forum Response Failure

  13. Used to be a firefox guy, now more of a Google Chrome person

  14. I've tried em all, Firefox is the only one that keeps me coming back for more.

  15. those plugins.

  16. @yourboro: Firefox also does multiple homepages, if you have more than one open and set as homepage it can do all of them

  17. I use Safari 4 for virtually everything but when investigating CSS problems I use Firefox with the Firebug add-on.

  18. @enigmaticblogger

    How come Firefox is the best when you got an IE avatar?? :P (Follow t3ck's link)

  19. sorry for double post, but firefox 3.5 is coming soon and my bet it's a lot better than the current version.

  20. @ryanbudiman

    I tested out the beta and it's much faster and better!!! Also Mozilla announce today that FF 3.5 is ready for the public. --> Firefox 3.5 Available Now!

  21. I do... x

  22. That's right t3ck!

    I just posted a review of Firefox 3.5 on my blog:

  23. I posted a article about Firefox 3.5 also --> Mozilla Released Firefox 3.5 Today.

  24. yes I do...

  25. enigmaticblogger90

    @theoates: You know, google sells off your search data to advertising companies... Good, unethical way to make money though...

  26. I used Firefox before Google's Chrome came out, which I find to be far superior due to it's minimalistic style and considerably faster browsing speeds.

  27. amantobeforgotten

    At home, I use Firefox 3.0. At work, I use Internet Explorer because it's company-mandated.

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