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Do You Use Monster Avatars?

  1. finickypenguin

    I have this weekly feature on my blog where I take 5 monster avatars and... well, it'd be better if you just see an example on my blog. Just look under the monster category then if you would like to see some monsters from your blog used in this post, go to the monster referral page, or if you want to see your monster used and you don't use monster avatars, just leave a comment unlogged on the page.

    Thanks for helping!

  2. So Mr. T isn't the monster?

  3. Nah thanx. My avatar looks way much better than any of those morons' -- who claim themselves humans!?

  4. Look at my avatar. Look. Real. Close. Do you see a monster? I think not. If you do, it must be your own reflection on the screen.

  5. And I believe my monster avatar is just as cool as the avatar I use.

  6. Monster avatar... it's only for kids, isn't it?

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