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Do you want to help children escape abuse?

  1. I'm an adoptive mother and I'm looking for people that would like to help me make changes to our current laws. There are thousands of children out there that are experiencing daily doses of hell in their home. My story about my daughter Danielle will show you how unfair and useless some aspects of foster care and Child Protective Services are. I hope you enjoy our story and suggest ideas for our crusade.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is an international Rnglish speaking forum. You say "our current laws" but you did not state which country you are referring to.

  3. ***headesk*** hating new keypad

    "Rnglish" was meant to be "English"

  4. invisiblemikey

    I strongly suspect this is either the same resilient troll, or another person of similar bad intent. The story she tells is based on a news story about a 1991 murder of a child in New York. Unfortunately for the author of the blog, and fortunately for readers, "her" math skills are poor. She tells some horrific tales of abuse about her supposed 18 year-old adopted daughter, explaining that the girl was born a year after her brother's murder. The murder was in 1991. That would make the "girl" either 19 or 20. That's not a mistake even an adoptive parent would make. It's a made-up story for purposes of exploitation.

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