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Do you write because you have to or because you want to?

  1. I was reading around some blogs and saw the phrase 'writer's block'. I was a little shocked that they don't know what to write, but still feel that they must.

    I write because I've just got things whizzing around in my head. I only post once a day however, so maybe that is why.
    I think you will notice that I'm not a fantastic writer, maybe I use wrong punctuation, or wrong words; but I still do it, cause I'm just writing :)
    Love to know your thoughts.

  2. Because I want to :)
    I need to write whatever topics that are swimming in my brain.

  3. Up to now, I write because I want to. I feed 3 blogs, 2 of them I directly am responsible for design, etc. But 2nd one isn't truly mine, and 3rd one belongs to a medium-sized organization, so I write within their de facto guidelines.

    4th blog I may well have to write certain things.

    Remember blog technology is merely a tool which forms part of an organization's marketing strategy which the organization already has well-established services and products..for decades. Blogging becomes just a small or big part of someone's paid job. But their job title isn't 'blogger', it could be marketer, lawyer, nurse, librarian (yes, many must do this now as part of their outreach services.), etc.

  4. Because I get paid to.

  5. In the grander scheme of things, no one HAS to write just like no one HAS to do anything.


    To answer the question, I write because I am inspired to write. As a conscious co-creator of mine (and everyone else's reality) I feel obliged to do it in a positive and intentional way. :-)

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  6. Both.
    I can't live without writing. It is my life, my passion, my calling and just everything I am. I don'y know how to NOT write. I have to write because I can't imagine not. I want to because of the same reasons.
    Sure, I get writer's block, but that just means I run out of ideas for, say the story I am writing. But I get over it. And not because I want to or have to, but because I know if I stop writing, I won't have a lot more to do with life.

  7. I second what writealogue said.

  8. Yes, both.

    I think it can be a coping mechanism. If you have a problem and then begin writing about it you actually shift your thoughts to a different place in your brain. It can make you feel better because your focus becomes the writing and not so much the problem.

    Also if you blog, others may respond and you'll get all that good social support, validation, feedback, etc.etc.

  9. memoirsofanimperfectstripper

    I write because I want to. I used to get paid to write, but I have now taken a different path. Much to the disgust of some dictatorial bloggers (Raincoaster), I still have a passion for writing despite not being paid to do it. I think that open minded people may find it interesting. The uneducated and neanderthal type will never evolve and learn about different customs, lifestyles and cultures if the blindly discriminate against others.

    I hope that you will all take the time to discover a different perspective on life.

    Cheers :)

  10. @memoirsofanimperfectstripper

    We expect politeness here. Personal attacks are not welcome.

    Also, as mentioned on another thread, please stop spamming your blog postings in multiple forums and threads. You can add to your Showcase thread.

  11. l write because l want to. Sometime l might put 3 posts in a day, other times a week might go by with nary a word from me.
    But mine is a personal blog, moreso to keep in contact with buddies so they know l haven't clocked myself off / blown up/ chopped off a limb/fallen in a hole/ got chucked in prision/whateer.
    l feel a blog (personal one) should be a happy thing, and having to post daily would take away that little pleasure for me.

  12. hollythestrange

    I write because I want to.

    I do have a suggestions page so that people can suggest things for me to post.

    This is so that if someone suggests something interesting, I might get inspired to write something that I wouldn't have thought about writing.

  13. I write because I want to, and also because I can. Would I write if I had no readers? Yes, but I'd certainly write something entirely different!

    And I write because I have a readership who, if I want their loyalty and interest, equally deserve mine.

    I have had spells when I haven't written for a while (I'm seriously ill, it's not always possible), but being blocked is never a problem. Nor, really, should it be for a blogger.

    For a professional writer it's different - novelists can very easily write themselves into a corner and find themselves blocked, it kinda goes with the territory for every author at some point. And that's understandable. A blocked blogger, though - nope, I just don't get that.

    For me there's a whole world out there, just beyond my keyboard, to rummage around in, and on any given day there will always be something that will spark my interest and creativity. I don't mind if I have to spend a lot of time reading online - if inspiration won't come to me, I'll go looking for it. I've been writing online for six years now, and I can honestly say that I've never been stuck for something to write about.

    It helps, of course, not to give your blog a name that ties you to a specific subject - that'll seriously cramp anybody's style (especially if there are many thousands of bloggers writing about it). But, if you can't write about whatever your chosen subject is, assuming there is one, then write about something else - some of my most successful posts have been written just on a whim - you simply cannot predict what will take off on any given day. So try something new, it might surprise you.

  14. Because I want to, of course! I've been blogging for a long time (through other blog sites) and it's fun outlet for whatever is on my mind. What can I say? I like writing about myself. I'm a pretentious teenager, afterall. Lol.

  15. I LOVE to write, which means I want to! That is probably why my major is Journalism. :) I've just recently officially started blogging (two days ago) and have been trying to promote it.

  16. pornstarbabylon

    I started my first blog as a hobby to have something to do in my online spare time. I'm not a writer and struggle with it but have learned to like it throughout the years I've had the blog. Now I started a second blog where I'm trying to get better with my writing while trying to avoid not getting sued by my haters.

  17. I agree with writealogue and psychmatters. I wrote because I want to AND have to.

    Sure, sometimes I feel very tired and lazy to write, and by that time, I usually have a quick rest before continuing what I'm doing. However, writing for me is also a relaxation, so it doesn't really matter. This is also why I usually put my post very short and simple, so I don't have to think about it too much and have fun with it. And when I want to write something longer, usually I use other website than my blog. My blog is just a resting area.

  18. hollythestrange

    What I write, I write for myself. I choose to do so, I choose why I do so.

    What I post is there for my sibscribers, future subscribers and readers. When I click the "Publish" button my writing is there for them to take as they please. They might like it, they might not.

    But I wrote it, that was my choice.

  19. I have to write and am very fortunate that I want to. If I didn't write then I think I would start dressing like an old lady again and reconstruct my bastard ex boyfriend shrine.

  20. I write because I want to and I have to.

    Why have to?
    Because I want fame and as of my lifestyle, blogging is necessary to achieve my dream...

  21. I don't feel the need to write, i just like to

  22. I'll always write. Its a great coping mechanism!

  23. @psychmatters


  24. Because I want to. I always hav e something to say.. I have 3! blogs... well one's a journal but W/E... I even tweet my day's events... starting today... I guess I do it cause I like to think someone out there cares.. you know?

  25. In my case, it's not that I HAVE to write. It's just that I REALLY WANT to write because I like to do so.
    I hope I can write a book someday too.

  26. When I first created my blog, it was a necessity for one of my course modules, which was why I posted quite regularly back in 2008. After the module ended, I decided to keep the blog and make lengthy posts once in a while, so now it's on a want-to basis.

  27. Because I want to …. It helps unload my thoughts and the feedback from others is nice :) Plus I like to write.

  28. writing is a very personal thing for me, as I know it is for lots of people...
    but the writer's block gnomes still worm their way into my brain.

    It is the bane of my existence.

    and it's easy to say "what? there are plenty of things to write about! do an ode to staplers!!" when you aren't having to sit down and pull something out of your head, either way, we've all been there.

  29. transgressivecinema

    I just like to write, I find I express myself the best in the written word. Perhaps this should concern me!

  30. yardlessgardening

    I write because I want to. My blog is the little corner in my world where I don't worry too much about sounding perfect or being professional. Most of my posts are just commentary on stuff that I find, which is fun and relaxing for me.

    I do other writing outside of wordpress that is more serious. My blog, on the other hand, is my personal playroom.

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