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Does a post have to have a publisher name?

  1. The question is as above really. If I start a new blog, where I want all posts to be anonymous, can I choose not to publish the name of the author?

    Any helpful insights welcome.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You will need to get a new account (with different email) then open the new blog with the new account -

    All Posts need an Author - not all Themes display the author all the time

    Get the new account - remember don't tell anyone about your new blog and don't put things in it that can be identified (like nickname for the bozo boss, stupid coworker etc.) or someone will find it sooner or later

  3. Thanks for that. I have now set up another blog with a different name.

    I invited and granted full editing rights to this 'new person'.

    I can now write a new posts in my original blog, but select 'new person' from the author dropdown box.



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