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Does a WXR Import Still Import Media?

  1. Hi there

    I am exporting from a .org blog and have chosen the full export. I import in to a .com blog and found that the check box for "import media" is missing...but there is a note at the top of the page to say this will be done automatically.

    On getting the "import successful" email, I can see all the images are there on the .com site BUT the URLs still point to the .org site.

    Is the import of media from the WXR file foolproof?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, looks like your post was accidentally caught in our spam filter, sorry about that. I've rescued it and looked at your media links.

    I'm checking to see how the media links could be mass updated to point to their recent locations. I noticed that the media URLs redirect to a Weebly location (and give a 404 error) -- did you move from Weebly to a self-hosted WordPress site before moving to

  3. Thanks Jenia: it's a complex set-up right now...static pages on Weebly (horrible), and blog on self-hosted Because of an error with my host I have had to switch the whole thing over to Weebly, but when I tried the import everything was accessible (ie no redirects and no 404s).

    I ask because I tried to do the same thing in June/July and the checkbox was there. All of the media were transferred over and all the media URLs were also re-written.

    I've just checked the dashboard, and it seems that all of the media have been uploaded to *but* none of the media URLs have been re-written.

    So, knew about the media, and uploaded them but didn't re-write anything!

    Do you know at which point in the process the media links in posts get re-written?



  4. Hi again, I wanted to post an update for you. Yours is a tricky case because the URLs of your images redirect to your Weebly site, but then those links are actually broken at the moment, so we are not able to do a straightforward import from the old URLs. A developer went through your import and fixed approximately 200 images, but there remain many that still need to be fixed. He will have another go at it in the next few days, and we'll keep you posted. Thanks for your patience!

  5. HI there. I've been working on fixing your site up further. The process didn't work as expected, and as a result, there are temporarily more broken images on your site. I'm working to get this repaired and would ask that you hold off posting until further notice. I'll update you as soon as the site is back to its state from before my failed process, and then we can go from there to see what further improvements we can make. I apologize for the temporary further brokenness and will update you as soon as I have more news.

  6. Thanks for letting me know. If you can roll back to, say, yesterday I'll take it from there and manually edit the links to images.

    I know it's a bit broken now, but thanks for what you have done so far.

  7. Thank you very much for understanding, and I do apologize for the further inconvenience. I've managed to put your site back in the state it was in before my process failed. If there's anything I can do to further help fix the images (whether it be providing a list of posts with images that look suspect or trying other automated tools, of which understandably you may now be skeptical), please let me know.

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