Does activating a new theme erase widgets etc.?

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    If I switch my existing blog to a new theme, will it remove all the widgets I’ve set up on the blog? I tried the “preview” function and it doesn’t show the widgets I have now, so I’m worried that, if I decide to switch back after a while, I’ll have to set everything up again.



    If you switch to a similarly designed theme, the widgets stay in place. If you switch to a differently designed one, they may move to Inactive: in that case you just go to Appearance > Widgets and drag them back from Inactive to Sidebar.


    Awesome, thanks. I’m mainly worried I’d have to add all the settings for Twitter and Facebook again, or do things like re-enter a blogroll if it’s moved to inactive, that type of thing. So if it moves to inactive but those settings still remain after I drag the widget back to the appropriate area, I wouldn’t mind so much. Thanks again.



    You’re welcome.

    For widgets in which you enter data it’s best to keep a backup in a simple text file, just in case.

    The actual links of a blogroll are created in Links > Add New, and accessed/edited in Links > All Links, so if the Links widget goes you don’t lose anything.



    Though you may have to set them up again if you’ve created separate Link widgets for link categories.

    So far it’s been my experience that certain widget customizations don’t always transfer when switching themes. In the Link widget, for example, the separate link categories widgets are not maintained and they get lumped back into one default list in the widget.


    I had the same question! Thanks for the help!



    Our side bar widgets are all gone since a couple of weeks and I cant reactivate them. Why?



    They’ve not gone anywhere. Go to Appearance >> Widgets >> And there you’ve all of them as ‘inactive’.



    @karinbryntse: Please ignore the above wrong reply. Your widgets has dropped to the bottom because of bad HTML in your latest post. Go to Settings > Writing, tick the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, click Save Changes, then make any insignificant change to the post (e.g. add then remove a space) and click Update.



    Thanks a lot Justpi! It helped! Big relief!

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