Does anybody have problem with Forum today?

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    I have trouble with logging in to Forum. After i log in my blog, and go to, and click Forum, it asks my username and password. Hope this will solve a.s.a.p…



    I think going to the homepage wipes your cookies. At any rate, keep away from there and go to direct. Your forum login seems to be separate from your blog login now, so being logged into your blog will no longer log you into the forum. It is all sucky and convoluted and I don’t know why they felt compelled to mess with it. :(



    No, I don’t think that’s it…something somewhere needs to be fixed. I came here from that direct link and am logged out. I am logged out ONLY on the forums and on blog fronts (including my own). If I use a saved link into my dashboard, I am already logged in.

    But it’s free, so I’m not complaining :D They’ll fix it eventually.



    Yes, needs a fix which I am certain they will get to.

    Since they added support for secure http to the blog login this week, switching between and or will log you out.

    Note that when you log into your blog now it is using the secure https protocol, that is:

    when logged into the forum it is still http:

    I should be sorted out soon. The WordPress developers are in overdrive this week, thanks guys!



    Ah ha! And I cannot type:

    “I should be sorted out soon.”

    should be

    “IT should be sorted out soon.”

    and hopefully, I SHOULD be sorted out too.


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