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Does anyone have passion about anything anymore?

  1. 1personofdifference

    You got some? share at my blog or here in this forum.

  2. I added a little of my passion in response to several of your blog entries...but apparently, you were either on Memorial day vacation...or, just were not as passionate about the things that I was passionate about, ... or just didn't want to respond to the comments.

  3. I'm passionate about not answer blog posts in the forum. Oh wait, opps. lol just having fun.

  4. aTOMic Gators..? is that like what a Louisiana Gator tale taste like after all the Hurricane aftermath sewage water...and the Oil consumption intake?

  5. My passion: Beer

  6. i have a passion for graphic design, illustration and business

  7. People, Food, travel, photography, crafts,
    ...and a simpler lifestyle that uses less and gives more on all levels...

  8. 1personofdifference

    beer is a good thing.
    Great micro brews in the pacific northwest
    design is good. business is good, at least when you have a job it's good.
    simple lifestyles are always good.

    THANKS to those who have responded

  9. comedy and laughter

  10. 1personofdifference

    comedy and Calvin and Hobbes are two excellent items.
    The laughter takes my mind off arrogant comments by other posters in other forums.

  11. Sorry if I came across as arrogant, was just an observation. Not one that I should have directed so specifically at you either, and for that I do apologize. I only found that once I did the things that time thief and a few others here recommended, I began to get some thread responses on my site of more depth and meaning. Which, as I recall from your first forum post, is what you were looking for on your site. Sorry if I offended you.Wasn't meant that way.

  12. Im passionate about: Poetry/Spoken word/detailing cars/being a mother/landscaping/fixing computers/etc...

    Check me out sometime:

  13. apexofoblivion

    My passion : heartache

  14. my passion is poetry. :) dancing, music, art, anything beautiful.....

  15. I have a passion for writing and I have written three books about Africa (where I worked for many years) Check out my pages I'm sure you'll enjoy.

  16. My passion: Hookers and Crack or maybe comedy. no, hookers and crack or smack. What is smack?

  17. I have a passion for the best thing ever; God.
    And life as a whole.

  18. My passion, to be alive, healthy, happy, including photography, gardening, reading, cooking and walking my Labrador.

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