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Does anyone know how to add a third column on Cutline?

  1. I could really put that extra column to good use, only I have no real knowledge of CSS. But maybe someone could help me out.

    Here is my blog.

  2. The likelihood of finding a css expert hanging around these forums on Christmas Day is very low. I haven't seen any today so you may be waiting for the holidays to pass before you get an answer.

  3. I meant "pressrow", not "cutline". Sorry about that. I would like to add a third column to Pressrow.

  4. Unless the custom widget function has capability for another column, you'll need the CSS widget to do that.
    That's all the help I can offer ><

  5. It may well be that you would have to have access to the underlying php files to add another widget column, and even if it is doable with CSS, it will be a serious amount of work as many, many things would have to be changed in the CSS.

    That said, you will have to wait for one of the CSS guru's.

  6. Hmm, not an expert but I think it sounds like it should be doable. Dunno how though. You'd be much better off choosing a 3-column theme and modifying fonts and colours etc. to make it imitate Pressrow.

  7. I'm posting a Sandbox designs link that will be of interest. This is an in-progress list of design templates, ordered by Sandbox Version. Designs for are listed seperately with the -wpcom suffix. Templates that include the sandbox code are listed as "Standalone", as they do not require Sandbox to be installed.

    Although it does not include a 3 column Cutline modification it does contain three others with 3 columns that may be of interest - Baubles, Biology and Diurnal.

    I'm also including the link for the Sandbox live previews

  8. OOPS! I said "Cutline" above when I meant to say "Pressrow".

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