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    I know I’m not alone when I say that looking for answers about Search Engine Optimization on is a total pain in, well…my head!!!

    Anyone who knows, with a better-than-average degree of confidence, the answers to the following questions and can assure me that they do will be my personal hero. Currently, my stats tell me that NOBODY has been directed to my blog through a search engine, so I’m feeling rather, no, VERY crappy about that.

    -Can adding (relevant) tags help people find my blog in a search engine?
    -Can changing the slug (url) for each post help people find my blog in a search engine?
    -If I just stuck with relevant categories, would that be just as good as relevant tags, or is it better to have both?

    WordPress is supposed to have built-in optimization, but I am very skeptical of that at this point….HELP! No crazy jargon please just easy-to-understand English :) Thanks and thanks again in advance for the genius answers heading my way :)

    *Note: I’m only talking about And in case it doesn’t show up, my blog is

    The blog I need help with is


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    Tags or categories definitely can help readers find you.
    Global tags are extremely helpful for getting your blog out to the public:
    In terms of how tags and categories work re: global tags / search engines:
    duplicating tags and cats is not a great idea…

    verify your blog with the major search folks:



    Let me put it this way: has the best SEO of any platform I’ve ever seen.

    There is a lot more you could be doing with your blog to optimize it. A LOT more. Just one example: when you post a recipe, for god’s sake use the tag or category RECIPE.


    Thanks. Still confused. I read the link about global tags and I checked out the links. Looks cool but how do I add a global tag??? I would like to be under a global tag called coffee. The URLs for the posts I have tagged don’t include the name of the tag…Help!



    The URLs do not contain the tags. Do not change the URLs. EVER.

    Just add the tag or category to the post you’re writing. Five tags/cats is fine, anything up to about a dozen is probably okay. More than that and you look spammy.

    For god’s sake, put the Recent Posts and Archives widget in your sidebar, otherwise there’s no way to find anything.

    Here is the actual core truth to SEO in WordPress: Keywords.

    More than that, and I’ll have to start charging you. And I am not cheap!


    What does that mean “just add the tag or category to the post”…HOW???


    @portolacoffee, the support section here at is absolutely outstanding, and typically a search there will return all sorts of relative and helpful information I did a search for “categories” and “tags” and came up with these three which should answer your questions well.


    I too have a problem.
    No one has bees directed to mine either and yet I use tags.
    I Google the name of my blog and it doesn’t show anywhere. In fact, what it does show is my other blog instead!
    My WordPress Blog is called
    A Medium’s Musings – if you type that into Google, you get my other blog from Blogger called, Lorraine-the Blog
    Why is this?


    Oh and P.s. Is there no way to add plug ins to the new 20/10 wordpress theme that I’m using?

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