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does anyone use twitter?

  1. i'm using twitter and i'm wondering if it's possible to add a twitter badge to my blog. i tried using an RSS widget in place of the badge, but it updates really slowly?

    any other solutions besides using the RSS widget?

    will wordpress come up with a Twitter widget any time soon?

  2. The RSS widget is the best way to display Twitter entries for now.
    There have been requests for a widget already. You can let the staff know you want it too by sending feedback ('Support' in the top right corner).

  3. thanks kimik0. i will do that. hopefully with more people asking for the twitter widget, the WP staff might decide to allow it!


  4. yes for twitter!

    embed it please!
    i'm begging on my knees!

  5. Kimik0 has laid out the procedure for requesting this feature which most certainly is not "new". Have you sent feedbacks or emails to support at requesting twitter?

  6. Well, ive just signed up at twitter and have my page as

    Not sure if i will use it, but its worth a go as with anything new huh?

  7. Twitter is nice, but very annoying. ;)

  8. As am I. I'm very nice, yet sometimes annoying ;)

    It seems more and more people are using Twitter. I've noticed Twitter is coming up in conversation more often.

  9. I don't think twitter is annoying, facebook is. Just kidding.

  10. That is another Vote for the Twitter Widget!


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