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Does anyyyyoe know how to make Typekit WORK?

  1. wow so this is where I have been getting traffic to my blog...

    To add to the discussion; I did have to put in bunch of selectors because I wasn't sure which one would work. @imaprile does that selectors you listed all works?


  2. @teammisou *Claps Hands!*
    I'm glad you got it to work - YES! TypeKit, atleast to me, seemed picky! Using the CSS editors I mentioned before definitely helps in pointing out whats what! Glad you got it to work!

    @getook Glad my original "couldn't get it to work post" has increased traffic for you! :) I am now a HAPPY TypeKit user though! Yes, all the selectors in my earlier post worked. Thanks!

  3. What is a "selector"? As I've posted on Stephen's nice blog - I've signed up for Typekit, gotten my Typekit code, put that in the admin page under Typekit (made absolutely no difference in what I saw there ( Clicked on update code...nothing. I just don't see how you start up the Typekit editor. Where IS it and why are the instructions so poor from Typekit?

  4. OK, now I see the Typekit editor back on the Typekit page with this really helpful bit of info:

    "Welcome! Here's how to use fonts:

    In the left column, use the Selectors section to apply fonts to any HTML tag, class, or id. You can also add the default class to your markup. Then, click Publish to see those changes on your site."

    I didn't know there were HTML classes or id's. Great! Now all I have to do is learn details of a programming language (more that the simple html I already know)? Wow! This is SOOO simple!

    I see a Publish down at the bottom of the Typekit editor window. What the heck does THIS do? Just pop it into my blog?! I've got a DRAFT over on my blog that I'd like to test this stuff on but I certainly don't think THIS editor window is going to be where I turn my efforts to write a nice, clean blog?

    Did anyone at Typekit write up a set of instructions like 1) register for typekit...5) plug in the typekit code in wordpress appearances->typekit fonts....10) go to the typekit page, 11) open the editor, ....23) learn about classes and id's in html,....75) hit publish....83) do some more stuff.... 276) look at your newly published wordpress post with the new fonts?

  5. @terrydarc
    TypeKit his a business and they provide support for their products. Here's a link you may want to click>

  6. I'm 404'ing on the link. my semi-sarcastic point is that (unless i'm wildly wrong) that this product is not ready for prime time.

  7. I apologize for that bad link. They do have instructions and a Troubleshooting heading. Here we go again and good luck. :)

  8. holisticservices

    @imaprile Thank you so much for being clear about how to do it!! You just made my day!!

  9. I'm a bit confused, you see, I just got the trial version. I picked two fonts (Anisette STD Petite SC & Apolline STD SC, in case that helps!) and I with the selectors, I put in p for Apolline and h2 for Anisette (p is the body and h2 is the title, right?)
    So, I saved that, and I tried viewing my site in IE and Firefox. In IE all my titles look all pixelly and weird, and on Firefox the body looks thin. The fonts I'm using aren't supposed to look like this, so have I put the wrong letters into the selector? Or does it just look different to me?

    I'm really not sure what's happened, so if I could get a few tips from someone, that would be appreciated. ;)

  10. Oh, and I also had a "fiddle" with the firefox add -on "firebug", with no luck. I think i probably just entered the wrong code, all I want is one font for all my text, and the other for all my titles and headings...

  11. @surfergal16
    Please go to TypeKit Fonts Support and ask for help there. You have paid them and they provide support for their products, we don't.

  12. I didnt pay... I have the trial version... but I will try that site. ;)

  13. I think what I need help with is the codes to use for the selector...
    I want one font for the body and another font for the titles.
    Maybe I am just getting the codes wrong... ??

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