Does Backdating Posts Affect My Followers?

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    If I backdate a post when publishing it, will my followers/subscribers receive the post at all in RSS or email? For further clarity, by “backdate a post when publishing” I mean publish a post at an earlier date than the date of the post’s initial (draft) writing.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m sure they will but why ? would you do that, if i visit your blog why would i go through all your posts, most people look at the last 3 or 4 posted.


    @sseuja – as far as I know, if you put a post into draft (or not take it out of draft) and then publish it (publically) then it will show up newly in RSS. I’m not sure about email. I’ve done this myself from time to time and people are usually able to see it.

    @dribblingpensioner – while I can’t know sseuja’s reason, a lot of people like to backdate posts so that they appear in the correct chronological order or so that they ‘fall back’ out of view – depending on whether they want them to be seen or not! :)


    Understood about the order but if they want them out of view why not make them private.


    Who knows?



    Thanks, guys. It was just a hypothetical situation. Someone else’s situation led me to wonder about it.


    @sseuja – for hypothetical questions, it’s a better idea to use the ‘off topic’ forum here as the other forums are for support issues.

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