Does changing URL affect subscriptions?

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    I’m thinking of changing my blog’s URL. Would this affect anyone subscribed to it? All my subscribers are via WordPress, not email.

    Also, is there a way to transfer subscribers from one blog to another?


    The blog I need help with is



    You might find this thread useful.

    Apparently subscriptions are not affected (everything else most definitely is).



    Thanks, that was a good read. I’m not changing my user name, and I’m keeping my old blog and setting up a redirect to the new one for at least a year, so my main concern was folks having to resubscribe or maybe missing out on posts.


    @areffd (or anyone)

    I have the technical ability of banana, so this will sound like a very stupid question, but here goes: would it be possible for me to set up a redirect from my old blog URL (which is still all over Google) to the new URL?

    Many thanks



    I can only tell you that WordPress has a paid service that will redirect from one WordPress blog to another. It seems reasonable Google would have something similar, but I’m not familiar with their setup.



    If you are redirecting to your own domain (e.g., rather than, everything automatically redirects to that domain. For rss feeds, either address will work. Email and wp subscriptions remain intact, as well — no need for anyone to sign up again after the redirect.

    The one thing I did do when I purchased my domain & redirect was go through some of my main pages & posts (ones that get a lot of views) and made sure that I was using “..” rather than and I will continue to make sure that any internal links (to pages or posts on my blog) are also created that way initially so that the specific domain isn’t referenced in the link — that way, if I don’t keep my own domain, for whatever reason, the links won’t break if they return to having the domain — or if I move my blog elsewhere.



    @WordWatch I don’t think so, unfortunately, since the redirect is meant for a change in domains rather than a change in the subdomain on You changed subdomains within when you inadvertently changed your url. You can ask staff about that question — it might be possible to do that, but I don’t think it’s a usual service.

    Have you verified your new url with google webmaster tools & deleted your old one? That might speed up the propagation of your new url. It would also help, I think, if you did a few new blog posts (I know you’re in hiatus at the moment, but fresh content would draw the attention of the bots).


    Hello, my friend, mmadfan

    Thanks again.

    Yes, the new URL is verified. I’m not sure if the old one was deleted; I’ll have to check that.

    I asked staff if a redirect could be put in place (I said I would pay for the service) but they just said the blog has been deleted. It really hasn’t.

    Yes, when I’m around again later in the year, Wordwatch Towers will be reopened – as you say, that should help.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not claiming that I used to get a huge amount of visitors – but there was a steady of stream of visitors who had googled a specific query and I could see that they landed directly onto the page that would answer their question – which is the main reason why I set the blog up in the first place. Now I know that those people will just be getting the message ‘this blog has been deleted’.

    Thanks again, mmadfan.



    @Wordwatch — what a pity! Oh, well. Eventually the search engines will find you.

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