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Does CSS upgrade allow some script widgets?

  1. I have never tried the CSS upgrade at I know that free WordPress does not allow outside scripts.
    Can you add bookmark-me scripts or scripts as widgets, with the CSS upgrade?

  2. No, scripts will be stripped out. CSS is only for styling the theme, not adding script.

  3. Thanks, I need to know tht before i subscribe to what i don't need.

    How do members add these widgets?

  4. We are limited to the widgets under presentation > widgets, but a lot can be done with text widgets and html.

    Timethief has a blogcatalog in her sidebar at her wordpress resources blog at: .

  5. Look at carocat's post in this thread regarding mybloglog:

  6. Thank you thesacredpath

    I also found a forum page here:

    And Now i know where one of my favorite bloggers has her site.

  7. wow that not as hard as i made it out to be.
    so glad i move this blog to

  8. MyBlogLog? You can use that one now; they offer a non-script version of the code. There's something wrong with mine, but the ones on other blogs work just fine.

  9. maybe if you repost the code.
    I've had a problem with their script widget before when my blog was at blogger. It work again when i grabbed the code from mybloglog and pasted in.

  10. Thanks, I'll try that. In any case, that's one widget you CAN use here.

  11. Well my Html widget is acting peculiar too. Clicking one any "mybloglog" visitor only take people to my profile page, not to the visitor .
    It says i am a visitor, when i am sign in at mybloglog.
    and it now shows visitors that aren't in my community (which is nice, but new).

    I guess i will have to E-mail mybloglog to see whats up.

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