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Does deleting additional blogs delete my account?

  1. I love the new WP feature which lets you add multiple blogs to your account. I just created a couple of them to test. Now if i want to delete one of them will it delete my account along with my other blogs as well, or maybe just screwup my access to other ones? I just want to confirm before i attempt anything here. anybody tried this already ?

  2. If you can't wait longer than 44 minutes for a Volenteer to get back to you, please use the contact form located here or send a feedback. Please remember that we are all unpaid volenteers and you are getting a product for free here. if you are unhappy with the service, may I suggest using a paid host. And I seriously doubt you'll get a 44 minute turn around over there either.

    To answer you question, I don't know. That's why I didn't answer when I went through the threads last time through. Usually the staff jumps in when they see a question that has gone unanswered. Since we have people here who post in the forums but do not have blogs here, I think your account is seperate but don't quote me on that. Wait for a staff member to tell you for sure.

    I've gone ahead and submitted a feedback for you with a note to look at this thread. I'm sure a staff member will be happy to answer when they have the time to do so.


  3. sorry about that drmike. saw other threads being updated at a pretty quick pace, thot mine went un-noticed. Well dont get me for an impatient pri(c)k here ... wasnt meant to be rude.

  4. Harder questions take longer to answer. Just sit back and relax for a day.

  5. Not a problem. Usually when I don't know an answer to a question, I usually skip it since I would hate to give an incorrect answer or mess some one up. (Or I put a big warning message on it.) My apoligies for the misunderstanding.

  6. I found out the hard way. Created 2 blogs with a new test account "". Deleting one of them suspended my username, hence blocking access to my other blog as well.
    Guess this can be posted as a warning before people try crazy things and loose their original blogs. :)
    Also, please try to fix this so that we can delete test blogs created under my username.

  7. Ouch. That is one nasty bug. Have you sent a feedback about this? If I were you I'd also post a comment on the original announcement; it's marginally more likely to be seen there and may prevent other people losing their usernames forever when they try to delete a test blog.

    (btw, the /blog subdomain seems not to be directly accessible, making it impossible to check on news without first going to the home page or the dashboard. Is this intentional or some weird bug?)

  8. Wank, I wondered that as well. :)

    You also get a blank page when you pull up the subdirectory as well.

  9. Feedback sent. Also tried to post comments on the blog entry announcing the feature, but I guess it didnt get past comment moderation ... *sigh* ...

  10. The permalink for Blog is /blog/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/, thus explaining why the head shows ' Blog' and you can't find the subdirectory /blog/.

    Just a little secret uncovered.

  11. Any news on the deletion of multiple blogs deleting your account as well?

  12. The permalink for Blog is /blog/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/, thus explaining why the head shows ' Blog' and you can't find the subdirectory /blog/.

    Um, run that by me again? That's a pretty standard permalink setup and if it prevented people accessing the home page of their blogs there'd be a lot of complaints.

  13. That's only for the one at, not the ones the members have.

  14. I meant it was a standard permalink setup for people who've installed wordpress in a sub-directory on their own host, which is actually quite a common thing to do. Here, have an example: That has the same permalink structure, yet it has no trouble displaying an index page.

  15. Im in this boat too, I made 2 blogs on '' . And want to delete just one of them?

  16. Send a feedback; they'll need to do this from the database side unless you want to risk losing everything :(

  17. I had two related questions.

    Let's say I start and create under the same account. If I delete, then should remain intact, correct? Can I (or anyone else) then open up an account with ever again or is that name forever tied (and lost) to the original account?

    Also, if I kept under, will there ever be a way for me to make the "master account" and the "additional blog"?


  18. For the changing of master blog, you should submit a feedback, but if not, it might come soon.
    Also, yes, the blog will stay remain intactwith nothing done to it, for the 1st question.

  19. - would remain intact.

    - would not be available again.

    - Changing over masters - Probably not as 'x' is the one tied to your username.

  20. don't know if this helps but...
    i wanted to delete one of my blogs and used the 'delete blog' option on the Dashboard - then i got an email askingif i really wanted to delete it, and cos i was nervous about it i didn't confirm the deletion. now when i go to my Dashboard that blog doesn't appear, and i just tried typing the web address in and it says "This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available.". slightly nervous that at some point all my other blogs will just disappear.. but at the moment seems to be fine. it was a few days ago that i did the 'delete blog' thing. holding my breath now.


    Your username links you around here, not a blog :)

  22. This seems to have happened to me too!
    I only wanted to deleta *one* of my two blogs on my username and in a way i have as i've still been able to use my other blog at wordpress under the same username for nearly 3 months since.

    When i automatically leave links to my blog, such as the one to the left, however, it will tell direct you to a message "This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available." - this is not true!
    oh what to do? what to do?

  23. Email me - the support link

    I'll sort it :)

  24. ok, i think i fixed it, let me try see if it works now(sorry :P)

  25. I have the same problem by creating a second blog (I wanted to create a second author but it does not work).
    So I prefer now delete this second blog. But is it possible without deleting also my main blog ?

  26. @spqr78
    Did you use these instructions for adding a second author?

    Deleting blogs now can only be done one at a time on the specific blog itself. This will not effect the main blog but it may be a better idea not to delete the blog at all - unused blogs aren't a problem.

  27. Yes, I tried this :
    It created me this second blog under the same account. In fact I wanted a second author with her own name (for “Published by ....) and her own avatar.
    I tried to change the e-mail address of the secondary blog but it did not work.

    After being logged out I tried then to create a new user (without blog) with and a new e-mail address. Then I returned into my blog to declare it as author, but when I typed this new e-mail, I got the answer “unknown user” or something like this.

    I would prefer to delete the second blog because I have now to choose it each time I have to go in my dashboard and because all posts and comments are preceded now by the name of the blog and it is unnecessary.

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