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Does downloading blog as xml file delete it from my blog?

  1. rhymeswithmagic

    I want to download a copy of my blog, but I don't want to delete my blog. Does downloading an xml copy delete it from From what I've read here on the forums it doesn't but just wanted to confirm.


  2. No. I've exported my blog several times and the original remains intact.

    Then imported it to different blogs. works a charm…

  3. rhymeswithmagic

    Thank you!

  4. You are welcome.

    If you are exporting a blog as a back-up, remember that the xml file does not include the images you have uploaded to wordpress. The exported file maintains the original links to pics you have uploaded to wp.

  5. appending to 1tess' answer, when you will import the xml file to another blog, it will ask if you also want to download the attached files, like images, audio or anything which was uploaded in the current blog.

  6. @phoxis

    Unless something has changed since August, then images and files are not exported. This is from Support documentation:

    Note: This will ONLY move your your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags; any uploads and images will need to be manually transferred to the new blog. If you have a large amount of content in your Media Library, please contact Support and we can move it for you!

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