Does editing a post take longer to show on other browsers?

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    I keep on editing a certain post and I just checked my Opera and IE browsers and the new editing hasn’t showed up. I’m on now Firefox version 1.0.7 which I use all the time. But the browsers I checked are IE version 6.0.2900.2180 and Opera version 8.52



    nope it should show the edited post immediately. my guess is that it did not save your edit despite you having click save. this happens a lot when i edit text widgets, sometimes posts too.



    I just checked now on the other two browsers and all the pictures are showing now. I thought I might have done something wrong to screw it up for the other browsers. Thanks!



    I suspect it’s your ISP or the browser caching pages. If you make a change to a page, then force a reload in the other browsers.

    I make changes to my hosted blog and have similar problems. They save, but take a couple of minutes to appear.



    Nosy is on a Comcast cable modem. Others have mentioned the issue as well in the past or issues that would be related to poorly set up Proxy servers. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was another case of it.

    Not a whole lot that can be done from our end and I seriously doubt Comcast would own up to such a problem.

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