Does Facebook notes via rss affect search engine ratings

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    I was kind of aware that having the same post on 2 different blogs can damage your search engine ratings, as I only have the one blog (here on WordPress) that doesn’t really worry me, but, does sending your blog via rss to your Facebook notes section also do the same damage ???

    At the moment if I want a post from this blog to appear to my Facebook friends I simply manually post a link to the particular post here on WordPress on my wall in Facebook but have been considering setting up notes on Facebook via rss as an alternative.

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t believe it does or staff wouldn’t recommend it with this video >



    Facebook stuff USED to be google-neutral, because it was all hidden behind a password. Now it is not. I would imagine there’s probably some kind of effect, and Google is trying to compensate for it.

    For that reason, I use Networked Blogs to post a link and an excerpt and sometimes use GetSocial or ShareOnFacebook to share a link and excerpt as well.


    Thanks t3ck and raincoaster for your replies, to be honest I think I’ll stick with posting it manually as a link with a comment for now, it means folk who do want to read it end up visiting my WordPress blog, posting it as a note means folk don’t visit here as they can read the whole thing there.



    you’re welcome!!!

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