Does Google pick up .ppt / presentation files from WordPress sites?

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    Hi there,

    I notice that Google seems to pick up presentation / ppt / powerpoint files. I want to upload some to WordPress BUT I want them to be private and not searchable on Google (I’d put them on a password protected post, and they’d be attachments from that). But I understand the POST won’t be searchable on Google, but will Google but able to track the actual presentation / ppt file.

    Example of Google finding PPT files:

    Thanks, and sorry for the confusing question.



    As long as your blog is set to either private or block search engines, or the post itself is private, Google won’t be able to find any embedded files, including your presentation.


    I was hoping I wouldn’t need to set the entire blog as private, and if a post if ‘private’ then the other person would need to be a WordPress member – which doesn’t help if I want to send the link to employers?

    That’s what it’s for anyway – to send some examples of my work to potential employers privately without attaching big files by email. So on a password-protected post I can just send the employer the link and password… but that doesn’t work if Google picks up the presentations.




    Google won’t pick it up if it’s in a password protected post either. That’s what I meant about a private post earlier, sorry about that.

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