How do I change my wordpress theme?

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    I have been trying to change my wordpress theme since…..and nothing! I mean it’s not like blogger that you just go to the tab “browse” and that’s it you change the theme. I mean where do I go? Ok I click on presentations but there is no any link that says “browse” so I can change my theme. PLEASE HELP!



    go into presentation, themes, and activatee the theme you like. it dosen’t cost a penny.



    I am such an internet dork…………. but with respect, I even managed to suss this problem out.

    As my esteemed colleague, wiidude pointed out, you just need to go to:
    mydashboard>presentations…………. then click a theme, any theme you want!
    If you click a ‘link’ such as “custom header”, then it will show you all the themes that have custom headers!

    Now, click on a theme……….. it will automatically give you a preview of how your blog will look if you adopt that theme.

    If you do NOT like it, click the ‘x’ (in the black circle) on the top LEFT and you will go back to the themes ………….. if you DO like it, click the ‘activate’ link on the top RIGHT!

    Does that help.
    I only joined yesterday!



    You’re a fast learner; it took me AGES to figure that out.

    Also, when you change themes it keeps all your sidebar stuff as you like it, so you don’t have to rebuild every time you make a switch.



    What about a theme obtained from another site, ie “free wordpress” type site?


    You cannot upload themes here at You are limited to the themes under presentation > themes. You can the look of your chosen theme with the paid CSS upgrade, but there is no official support for the CSS upgrade, so it is not recommended unless you have experience editing CSS.

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