Does it make sense to move a domain?

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    I’ve got several small-time websites and would like to have a very easy way to manage and update them. Someone recommended WordPress, so I signed up for a blog to poke around and test drive it a little. So far so good. Here’s my question:

    Does it make sense to move my domains to WP? Here’s what I have:
    – a billboard website describing my professional services which would be of interest to local customers. It’s now one page but will grow to half a dozen as I add content
    – a small-time commercial website selling products using paypal
    – a small-time commercial website selling recordings using

    The appeal to me is for a very easy to use interface that results in attractive websites.

    Can you actually move hosting to WP?

    Are there critical downsides to changing my hosting to WP?

    How hard is it to transfer from a go-daddy type host arrangement to WP?

    Thanks very much!



    You cannot host websites here at You can have a free, centrally-hosted blog if you want, but there is limited customisability and a number of restrictions (no ads, for instance). If you do have a blog, you can arrange for it to be mapped to another domain that you own, for a small charge.

    You can also download the wordpress software to self-host at somewhere like Go Daddy. For that you need to go to

    It doesn’t sound to me as if either of these will be particularly useful to you.

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