Does it matter how much your blog is worth??

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    I just found out my blog is worth about 10,000 dollars and i see other people boasting that theirs are worth 1 million or half a million or whatever. What I want to know is does it really matter? I mean does it mean that ther’s a way that u can actually make that much money or even half of it from ur blog? Or is it just a vanity booster?



    as you said, just a vanity booster. =)



    oh, :( there goes my cloud castle..


    I think it’s worth that price if you sold someone the name. Like if Perez Hilton sold his name and site url because of his pagerank and inbound links, he would at the least take home six figures. Months ago someone kept on emailing me wanting me to sell them my other blog. I was like no because you might make it into a porn site.



    Or is it just a vanity booster?

    As the vast and overwhelming majority of bloggers are not paparazzi like Perez Hilton and have no fantasies of becoming rich off their blog writing, I agree with sulz. IMO for the average blogger this is nothing more than a vanity booster.



    Besides, those blog evaluators never agree. They’re joke widgets. Just try selling a blog on the open market and see what you’ll get for it once they find out you can’t run ads on it.

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