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Does it matter if I connect an unrelated blog to my blog

  1. I have a blog. I love it, and it's set-up just the way I want:

    I also just purchased a domain name and hosting plan for a separate blog using

    Now my blog is asking me to connect to my blog for Akismet and Jetpack plugins.

    But I don't want my blog to be connected to my blog because as mentioned above they are separate blogs with separate URLs that will fulfill separate purposes. Or does it even matter? Because as it stands I'm really scared that the connection will screw up my blog, which again I love and want to leave as is.

    I've just spent a couple hours searching the internet and forums to see if it even matters if a separate blog is connected to a separate blog (i.e: is connected to The only thing I can find is about transferring a blog to Again, I don't want to transfer, I want to keep them separate!

    I also thought of simply creating a new account to which I could connect my to, but the url is already taken, as in is already taken.

    I'm really stuck and wondering what I should do? Does it even matter if I connect an unrelated blog to my blog? Or do they have to be the same (i.e needs to be connected to

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you don't want them connected, you'll have to use different emails on them if you want to keep them totally separate and yet use Akismet and Jetpack. But there's no particular reason not to connect them, if anonymity isn't an issue.

    You can use a custom domain like regardless of the underlying URL just by paying $17 a year for the Domain Mapping upgrade. No external hosting required.

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