Does Moderating Comments Inhibit Conversation?

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    I currently have my blog set so that all comments are moderated before being visible. I have worried that this might inhibit conversation between readers, as it could be hours before their comment appears on the site.

    I would love to hear the thoughts of others on this issue.



    Some people allege moderation suppresses commenting. I don’t ascribe to that point of view. Some people say that using the “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” option is the way to go. I disagree.

    Basically I believe that open comments is an invitation to spammers and trolls. I also notice that spammers try to use the “previously approved email” option to test the waters first (before lambasting a blog) by saying something like “nice blog, blah, blah” in their first comment.

    Ultimately it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they want stuff to appear on their blog and sit there for hours before they have an opportunity to check it out.



    I don’t moderate mine and while once every now and then a link from a naughty site gets through as a comment. For the most part though, I haven’t had a problem. I’m just about at 100,000 hits, about 12,000 spam filtered out automatically, over 1800 comments to over 400 posts. I can’t complain.

    That said, I do find myself not keeping up to comments at moderated blogs to the same level at non-moderated but respect each person’s right to choose what’s right for their own blog.



    i pretty much agree with fracas. i don’t moderate comments. i do have to weed out spam every other day, but i’m okay with that because i don’t have that many. i’m fortunate so far not to have any trolls and flamers who would manipulate my unmoderated stand on comments; then again, my readership is quite low.

    as a commenter, i don’t mind having my comment moderated.



    It does depress the conversation. I’ve tested this and it has a very strong effect. I put moderation on one of my blogs and the comments dropped from five per day to one per week while the reading stats increased.



    And it’s a pain in the bum everytime you check your blog to approve the comments. I opted the use of ‘Comment author must have a previously approved comment’ as TT pointed out. It is really up to what you think it’s appropriate for your blog, you always have the right to delete unwanted comments or do whatever you want for all your comments.



    Akismet has some issues every once in awhile, but really is ‘extremely’ effective at grabbing spam before it hits your site. It is that reason that I also agree that it isn’t a major issue with moderating comments. I believe that most people moderate comments for for fear of comments content than spam. Some discussion needs moderation.


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