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Does my blog allow for syndicated views?

  1. I can't tell if my site allows for RSS feed or not. The WP support page says this is automatic but when i went to see my syndicated views, there were none

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, your blog allows for RSS viewers. If you wish to facilitate this, put the RSS widget in the sidebar.

  3. It asks for an url. What do I put?

    I got the impression from WP support that the RSS widget is for a different purpose?

  4. to clarify: I want people to be able to view my site through RSS feed/

  5. Put your own feed URL in there.

    There are two different kinds of RSS widgets here, one designed to get people to subscribe to your feed, the other to show off other feeds. I use the latter for my own feed, because I'm too lazy to use the new one.

    You can also just use the Meta widget, which has the button built in.

  6. thanks. Like this? (see site)

    is there a way to get rid of the first feed so my site isn't feeding itself? : /

  7. oh, I think I have to create a feed page first, doh! Newb city.

    Is there a page here about how to do that?

  8. No, you don't have to create a feed page. It's all built in. The widget is working just fine.

  9. thanks. Can someone else confirm that this now works; all I see when I click on the icon is a bunch of html text

  10. thistimethisspace

  11. thistimethisspace

    when I click on the icon is a bunch of html text

    if you are using a Chrome browser then it does not have a built-in RSS feedreader so you need to get an extension for that. Here's the link for that extension

  12. Hi!
    I wonder if it is possible to show an RSS-feed on my blog?
    And how to do it?
    I tried to added the URL to a a feed as an RSS-link.
    And then added it to the third widget area.
    The problem is that I have to click on the link to show the feed.
    I would like to have the newssreaM permanently visible on the blog.
    Does this require a JAvaScript being pasted into the sourcecodes body-section?
    Can I do this in Custom design?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. @mattelararen
    All blogs have multiple built-in feeds. This is the RSS Feed URL for your posts
    Read more here >

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