Does my blog have a mature content flag?

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    My tags are not appearing in the topics, and I read that one possibility is that my blog is rated mature. I do not have mature content. How do I check this out and resolve it? Cheers.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve got that fixed now. It was marked as “mature”.


    Hi, I need to know if my illustration blog is considered as having mature content – I am unsure after reading the related wordpress policy. The blog is here (I just started):

    For instance is (in your opinion) the third/fourth page considered as mature content..?
    My illustrations to come may show two characters kissing – and it will deal with topics like rehoming adopted kids, child/women molestation, etc. All the topics I want to draw about and raise concern about.

    There may be some suggestive/erotic content to come but there will never be anything crude, coarse, pornographic, no illustration of genitals etc. (this is what I am against)

    Thanks a lot for your help…




    My illustrations to come may show two characters kissing – and it will deal with topics like rehoming adopted kids, child/women molestation

    These topics are borderline for a lot of people. But it really depends on how they are presented. They can be presented in a “mature” way if that is what the author is going for. It can also be avoided if the author wishes.

    There may be some suggestive/erotic content to come

    This is far more likely to come under the “mature” banner. There is rarely a non-mature way to present “suggestive/erotic” content.


    Thanks for your reply, it helped a lot to clarify things.
    I agree regarding the way “things are presented”. Consequently:
    1. Could you then tell me if there in my blog post “one day you’ll see”, any mature content according to you (page 4 and 5)?

    2. Do I have to report every blog post (every time I post) or must I post something like a message or banner sometimes called “mature content on this blog”?




    1. Can you provide me a direct link to the content in question so that I know we are talking about the same thing?

    2. You can mark you own blog as mature by following these instructions:


    1. the last two boards of the comics – where basically you see hand about to undo a belt, a kid lying under a man and later on a bloody hand. (To me this would be mature content would it be only because I would not want a child or even teenager up to a certain age to see it. But I need your advice. )

    2. Thanks a lot for the link!



    I don’t think it is mature content in the way that many people define the term. But “many” is not “all” and some may disagree. If enough people disagree and make a stink about it, your site may end up with a mature tag.

    My personal opinion is that you will probably be alright as “non mature” with that sort of thing. But again, to be clear, there is no hard line for this topic.


    Thank you for the very nuanced reply.
    Tell me one more thing if I can bother you a bit more: to be tagged as mature content = is it like a “denunciation” that can cause me problems – i.e. have my blog suspended etc.?
    In that case should I directly report myself from day one (as indicated in the link you sent me)?



    No, it just has the same effect as what is described here:


    All clear :-) Thanks a lot for your support! :-)


    Hi Rootjosh, sorry to come back again but I do not find the “report content” option in my blog. If I click exactly on the same location as
    Below the “twenty ten” theme I have no “report content” option as shown. Any idea why..?




    So, just to clarify, you are not seeing this:


    Hi, I actually found it but at a different location. So I sent a report to wordpress about my blog.
    Thank you so much once more.



    Great to hear!

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