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Does my blog really suck

  1. growingtogreatness

    So im sorta hurt that since ive made it no one had comented barely any traffic even though i started 2 days ago i expected more exposure whats your opinion?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How many blogs have you commented on in that period?

    How have you been promoting your blog?

    Have you read the thousands of threads in this forum on getting more hits? Do that now.

  3. 1.5 Posts - not really much to comment on.

  4. Two days isn't a very long time, either. Keep blogging about things you care about or are interested in, and readers will come. And if not, you're still enjoying the blogging process, right?

    Different people blog for different reasons, and even if one of your primary goals is to get a lot of readers -- and commenting readers -- you need to be engaged in what you're blogging about, as well as offering something to readers that they will be moved to comment on.

  5. Patience grasshopper. You only have two posts. The ratio of hits to comments is around 700 - 800 hits produce 1 comment. There is no such thing as "passive blog promotion". Create an archive of unique content and learn and apply basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques so your posts are found in search engine results. Comment, comment, comment on other blogs with similar and related content to your own content. Build relationships online juts as you do offline. Note that this takes time and effort.

    Promote your blog and your posts
    1. Write well and publish regularly. Keeping your blog updated with fresh and informative optimized content will maintain reader interest.
    2. Reply to every comment as this may encourage more comments from the same readers and from others who have yet to comment.
    3. Be cautious about reciprocal linking and be very selective when choosing related blogs to link to and keep your blogroll updated.
    4. Be aware of your subscribers and subscribe to the feeds on their related blogs.
    5. Comment, comment, comment and comment.
    6. Backlink to posts published by faithful readers wherever possible.
    7. Join social networks and create a social media time management strategy and stick to it.
    8. Promote and support the promotions of the blogs of your faithful readers at every opportunity that you can, and everywhere that you can.
    9. Use a Recent Comments widget to showcase those readers who leave the most recent comments.

  6. ~~timethief

    I agree with what timethief recommends. It also pays to step back and look at your blog -- and your individual posts -- as an "outsider," a complete stranger to your blog, and think about what their first impression would be.

    I don't think that blogging should be all about correct grammar and trying to achieve some kind of literary style, but just looking at the first two posts you have, the very first thing I noticed were that they were each single blocks of text. Now lord knows I have a tendency to write very long paragraphs, myself! But after you've written your post, think about breaking it up into paragraphs that make it easier for a new (and hopefully, returning!) reader to read and digest.

    On that note, although I don't think that blogging is about grammar and structure, proofreading and checking for obvious misspellings or for sentences that need to be broken up is also a good thing.

    Express yourself as yourself, but remember that for you to come through your writing, the reader can't just get lost in a sentence and wonder where it's going. A reader shouldn't be so distracted by the way something is being expressed that he or she can't pay attention to the content of what your saying.

    Keep writing and continue expressing yourself! And as timethief says, patience. :-)

    Best of luck to you! And have fun!

  7. and that should be "content of what you're saying"! lol

  8. The internet is entirely Give To Get. If you want comments, make comments. If you want reads, read. It works, young jedi.

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