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Does my free theme support uploading a PDF?

  1. I teach 7th grade math and would like to be able to upload a PDF of the homework for kids when they are out sick?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you upload them just like you would an image from within the post editor and when you insert them, they will become a link within your post body (where your cursor was).


  4. couldn't get it to work..I tried both the "post a photo" button and the "insert a photo" button, it brought up the file choice box, I chose the PDF and then..nothing else?>

  5. It's not a photo.

    You have to insert it like a link onto anchor text, so say This PDF in your post, select the words "This PDF" and click the Link icon. Then put in the URL of the file.

    If you want to display it like a photo, you're better off with a PNG or put it into Scribd and use the Scribd shortcode to embed it.

  6. Thank you!!! Raincoasting...I understand perfectly..thanks

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