Does my page display online?

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    My page is not yet functional but I tried to find it using my browser and on different computers, I could not find it…
    How can I know if my page is regularly visible online? Is there an action to fullfill to publish the site online?
    Here is my reference

    Thanks for your help!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    You are not yet indexed by Google. It can take a few months (but is usually shorter). You need to post good content regularly and then Google will index you. WordPress pings Google everytime you post something. You will know when you are indexed as you will start to have visits from people searching Google etc (in your list of referrals). You can also check your blog here it will tell you if you are indexed.


    Thanks a bunch for the info.
    I plan to post excellent contents so I trust the page will soon be available on google and else. ))

    My blog is self hosted, does that mean I should not turn off my computer?




    Sorry, i’m not sure what you mean by not turning off your computer because your blog is self hosted.


    I understand )
    I am new in this field and don’t speak english that much.
    I thought that self hosted ment that the blog used my computer to run, therefor that I was to never shut down the computer to keep the blog running…

    I guess it is not what it means)

    Thx for the help anyway,

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