Does my second blog even exist?

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    Hi, I’ve been blogging for some time and have decided to start a second blog. However, it appears the only way one can reach it is through clicking in the link on my first original blog. The blog does not come up in google (even if you type in the very unique title) and if you click on the tags none of the posts come up in the list. Does it need to be activated somehow or something? I did not have this problem with my first blog, just my second one.
    Original one:
    New one:

    Thank you very much,


    How long ago did you create this second blog cuz it takes a while to show up on google. Also what are your privacy settings set to. Cuz if it isn’t set right, it won’t go into search engines or wordpress tag system. Lastly, wordpress only allows around 12 categories/tags total before it starts omitting tags (on an individual entry) from displaying in the wordpress directory.



    New blogs don’t show on tag searches. You have to wait awhile, no idea how long though.


    Didn’t realize that, Raincoaster. Thanks for clarifying that.


    Cheers. I made the new blog yesterday, as something of a side project. I’ve got it on the privacy setting “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Sphere, Technorati) and archivers”, so it should work, I give it some time. That’s weird that new blogs don’t show up on tag searches. Makes them a little hard for people to find. Thanks for the assistance, hopefully it will come right soon.



    New blogs will eventually show up. It’s an anti-tagspam measure I would guess.


    Cheers, it seems to be working. Sort of. My latest post does come up in tag searches, although the two prior to that do not. Meh. As long as it works from here on in, I don’t really care. Thanks for the advice!

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