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Does one need to blog everyday?

  1. Hi my name's Peter and I've been running a blog for the past week or so but unfortunately have not always been able to blog. I always intended to blog once a day but sometimes I just feel not up to it or really busy. I have this thought that views immediately nose dive the moment you don't keep up blogging at least once a day and it seems to be true in my case.

    How do you cope with such circumstances and what is your experience with this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. q: Does one need to blog everyday?
    A: No.

    If you are determined to blog over the long-term, it’s critical to focus on creating high quality content on topics you are passionate about. Keeping your blog updated with fresh content will maintain reader interest and stimulate discussion. Letting your readers know what your schedule is ie. how frequently you aim to publish is common courtesy. That information is on my About page.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I'll try to set a schedule seems like a sound thing to do.

  4. You're welcome. These will be helpful >
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  5. Yes, Timethief's advice is correct. Blog regularly.

    It doesn't have to be every day but your readers need to get a sense that your posts are going to be there for them, otherwise they won't stick around for long.

  6. I suppose it depends on whether or not the numbers are important to you. Unfortunately this seems to be the trend with any activity... making some sort of "contest" out of it for meaningless bragging rights.

    I like to try to Blog regularly, but the "Real World" has a way of taking precedence over just posting for the sake of keeping traffic flow. I just post when the mood strikes.... the visitors I get tend to be fewer, but the nice ones outnumber the spammers and lurkers that way and I'm fine with that.

    Given that... I'd say post when you have something to share and you'll end up enjoying it more rather than turning it into just another chore you feel pressured to do and eventually come to dislike.

  7. I just started bogging. I've maybe been doing it for about a week? I don't post every day though and I think I have an awesome ammount of views. So no I would say you don't need to blog every day :)

  8. Some people post just once a week they still have a great following. Don't worry about the quantity.

  9. I only post around once a week, if that, recently. Just far too busy with other things and my traffic is consistent as old posts are still popular.

  10. ducttapedoodler

    Quantity is definately not as important as quality, though it is good to be consistent with your posts so your readers know when to expect more.

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