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Does Pilcrow display author names?

  1. A blog post about multi-author blogging ( ) says this about Pilcrow:

    Pilcrow theme displays brief Author profiles drawn from the user’s Profile page under each post.

    I'm using Pilcrow & it's not behaving in this way. It's not displaying the author profile from the user's Profile page with each post. Can anyone tell me if it's supposed to do this. And if so, what I might be doing wrong that's causing this feature not to work?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The author profile only shows on the bottom of single post page and then only if you have entered something in the "about" section on your profile page at users > my profile.

  3. Actually, it doesn't look like Pilcrow does. Coraline does as does Twenty Ten. I just tried it on my test blog with Pilcrow and it did not show up.

  4. Yeah, I think you're right. The author of the blog post I linked to above either was wrong or else they changed the theme since she wrote the post a few months ago. I wish the theme did have that feature.

    Thanks again for yr assistance.

  5. She is seldom wrong, so perhaps something has changed or is broken. I'll tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully one of the theme team will respond. If she is wrong, I'll let her know so she can correct the post.

  6. She wrote to me saying it was possible Staff had made a change to the theme since she wrote this. So perhaps that is what happened.

    At any rate, you mentioned Twenty Ten & I took a look at it & it actually answers my needs pretty well since it displays author names and it gives a broader width for text, which I need in my text based blog.

    So thanks for that as well.

  7. You are welcome.

  8. ~~TSP
    Thanks for flagging this thread. I'm eager to hear Staff's reply to this. If the function has been removed from Pilcrow then I need to remove this part of my post. If it hasn't then Staff need to know it's not working.

  9. You're welcome TT.

  10. Panos' post on Author displayed or not has Pilcrow in the "Not" list, but no note if this involved a change.


    Choco, Duster, Elegant Grunge, Enterprise, Liquorice, Mystique, The Morning After, Twenty Ten, Vertigo and Vostok display the author’s profile when viewing a single post.

  11. @justjennifer: Sorry for the late reply but this might give you an explanation

  12. SIGH .. click this link below to my test blog and know that I do have "About me" completed on my profile page.

    About me states: I am an experienced user of WordPress software and I'm a Tumblr blogger too. I blog about becoming a better blogger, building a better blog, and effective blog promotion.
    No author profile appears on the single post page.

  13. So then, yes, it apparently has changed. (sigh) Thanks, airodyssey. Sorry, tt.

  14. @justjennifer
    No problem. I know it's hard to believe because I swear there was an author profile under the posts on single post pages at one point. If there hadn't been neither I nor Panos would have blogged that there was. I hope it's a bug because this theme also lacks a byline.

  15. Since Pilcrow does not show the author in the post metadata, having the profile would be a blg plus. If someone did not want it to show, they could just not fill in the author information at users > my profile.

  16. I'd rather see a check box alongside that profile enabling/disabling display of the profile on themes that support it. As an example, maybe I'd like it to show up in my Gravatar, but not in my blog posts...

  17. @justjennifer
    Brilliant! I concur

  18. Pilcrow never has shown author profiles below the single posts but it's something we'll take under consideration for a future upgrade.

  19. @themeshaper
    Thanks for clearing that up. I have edited my post and removed "Pilcrow".

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