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Does search engines index twice if post is kept in two categories in same blog ?

  1. I have travel blog. If I put a post in two categories for e.g. I am travelling in a state called Kashmir in India and doing trekking. I have made both the categories i.e. Kashmir as well as trekking . If i put my post in both the categories since both are related they will show in both of them in my navigation bar. So my question is will search engines index it twice?

    Will it be considered as duplicate content ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello!
    It seems with Google that they will select one to be the original source and that it may hurt your ranking as it may be considered duplicate content.

    One solution could be to make one the original or canonical source. Another could be to provide a link back to the article you want to be the original.
    Finally, you might consider making enough edits for it to be considered a unique post.
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    As far as WordPress is concerned see here for duplicate content related to WordPress blogs:

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