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Does Search Work on this Forum?

  1. When I attempt to use 'Search' on this forum, the only responses I get are some unrelated very recent general Questions/Answers - Is Search working?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The search function is working. The newest threads have priority over older threads in the search engine. I'll admit, a lot of the time the search bar comes up with unhelpful results, but it is working. And another thing: bigger threads with more posters will have more words, which means a higher possibility that you will search one of those words, coming up with results you don't want.

    Notice when you search, there are two different categories: recent threads, or related threads. The recent threads may or may not have as much connection to your question as the related threads.

  3. It doesn't work well. After you enter the search terms and click Search, scroll down and click the "search at Google" link.

  4. I always use a Google search, like:


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