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    When I purchased my domain a year ago, it used a sort of WordPress ‘lite’ for it’s included blogging software – and that included a service titled ‘Subscribe2’. It worked well for my friends and family who wanted to receive emails when new posts were added.
    Yet, looking around here, I do not see anything that would suggest that feature exists here. Is it still available – or is there an easy way for my visitors to receive emails notifying them of new content? (OTHER THAN RSS!)



    Not currently. Somethign like that is too easy for spammers to abuse. There’s a number of email services online that will send out an email when a website updates. You can do a search for them if you want.

    Maybe someone could suggest a service to try? i host a couple and can’t give specifics in this case as it’s a conflict of interest.



    thx drmike…

    I will try searching on google and see what I come up with.

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