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Does the action of updating a post send an email to followers?

  1. I have a private blog that I've invited a few people to. They are set up to receive an email every time I publish a post. But my question is, are they sent an email when I update a post?

    I ask because while I have most of my entries that I want them to get notification of, I do have some entries that I don't necessarily want advertised with a "come read this" email. I don't mind if my followers read these more private posts later (meaning I don't mind if they appear on my site), but I'd rather not call follower's attention to it. I've tried making these entries "Private", but then they don't show at all. If even I want to read them I have to hunt them down in the dashboard. *frown*

    So... I thought I could trick the system by posting these more private entries as "Private" to begin with, then updating that post to be public later. Will it still send an email to my followers when I update that post to public?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Have a read of this as it might help...


  3. Well... I did read the post on followers, but I didn't come away with confidence. Maybe I need to focus on a phrase in that article, "Each time you publish NEW content on your blog, your followers receive an update...", and maybe that is enough. I will do some testing and see how it works.

    Thank you for your help!

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