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Does the Android app use the publicize feature?

  1. I recently upgraded to the Android 2.0 app and LOVE it! Well done!

    I used the app to do a "quick photo" type post to my blog, where I had the publicize features recently enabled and verified. However, the blog entry I added was not shared to Facebook/Twitter.

    I went in a little while later through the web site (on my computer) and added another post, and the publicize feature worked just fine.

    Does anybody know if the publicize feature will work through the Android app? If not, that would be a great feature to add.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    I don't have an answer for you. Perhaps another Volunteer does but have you tried posting here?

  3. Thanks! I'll check there!

  4. You're welcome. I did search but didn't turn up an answer for you. When you receive one will you please return and post it into this thread so we can share it with others?

  5. Will do!

  6. Thanks so much for agreeing. :)

  7. Darn good question! I love the app too, but I've not posted using it, but I would like to know the answer too!

  8. Interesting question. It seems that Publicize settings *should* be followed, however we post. For example, I posted from Flickr the other day, and WP duly tweeted out the new post, as per the Publicize setting.

    But I also will be interested to hear what does actually happen with the mobile WP apps.

  9. Well, it does indeed work with the Android app. I did another quick photo type post and it showed up in my social streams shortly afterward. I think the problem I was having was that I recently swapped over to the "timeline" format for my homepage and it didn't show up there, but my wife pointed out the post in her news feed. I checked over on Twitter and I saw the link there as well.

    It makes sense that things should function like so, I'm guessing the trigger to publicize a post sits on the servers themselves, and not with the application, so once you get publicize up and functional, you can post from anywhere to your blog and it will get out to your streams.

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